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    Zeroshell beta9 in VMWare session on Windows XP host OS
    Host OS has adapter with WAN IP and another adapter with LAN IP. A 3rd adapter (virtual) with “host-only” network.
    Client is running Windows XP and is using OpenVPN authenticating with password and X.509 cert.
    Host running internet connection sharing because I could not get VMware’s NAT service to properly work. Using port-forwarding on ICS for VPN, SSH, and HTTPS.

    Client can successfully connect and has full routing abilities to any network. Client can connect over and over again with the same internet connection. If the client changes his ISP connection, and attempts to connect, it doesnt work. He no longer has access to Host (RDP 3389) and/or Zeroshell services (ones listed above).

    Another client at the same time the other client can’t connect, can connect successfully using a different ISP. Once he changes ISPs…he can no longer connect. If i turn off firewall on Host OS, I can ping the host’s public address while still not being able to connect to any of its TCP ports.

    Undesireable fix:
    Shut down Zeroshell VM and close VMware application and reopen and start Zeroshell VM again. No changes needed to Host OS to restore service.



    Yyyeeeaaaahhh…Once I disabled the Radius and L2TP/IPSEC (was using that before i switched to OpenVPN) service everything works great!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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