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    VPN routing problems after ppp reconnect

    Hi, we are observing an annoying and strange issue on a vpn between two aeroshell systems (3.6) on a LAN2LAN VPN Tunnel

    When the underlying ppp connection is interrupted (daily dsl reconnect) and re-established:

    1. the tunnel is properly re-established and both ends are reachable
    2. no ip traffic is routed over this connection
    3. on the console when showing the routing table (T) all static routes point to the ppp interface (instead of the VPN)
    4. on the web interface all routes seem to be correct

    When rebooting zeroshell all routes are back correctly again (VPN interface) – alternatively deleting and adding the routes within the web interface also leads to the same result.

    But in general this seems to an issue somewhere in the way static routes are handled. Anyone has seen the same or a solution for this behavior?
    CU Daniel

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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