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    I have a device with one ethernet port (ETH00) and one WWAN interface (in the test machine it is another ETH port, but can be a different peripheral).
    I already configured it to act as a router, so all the internet traffic coming from the ETH00 is redirected to the other port.

    Now I wanted to make a VPN tunnel towards another PC, so that all the internet traffic coming from ETH00 is re-routed throgh the VPN. For this reason I setup another machine with an OpenVPN server. Now if I take my pc and open an OpenVPN connection to the server I redirect all my traffic through that interface. Wonderful.

    I want to replicate this on my zeroshell machine, though. But I don’t know how. In the end, the ZS machine should just route all the traffic from the ETH00 to the vpn, ut I can’t get it to work. If I try to ping something from the ZS shell I can (and it passes through the VPN), but if I try to ping from a machine attached to ETH00 it fails.

    I opened a wireshark session on the OpenVPN server and I see that the ping request packets arrive, but the replies are only shown for the locally-generated pings.

    What can I do to solve this?
    Sorry if this message was quite confused.. If you need more infos just ask


    Never mind, I figured it out…
    I hadn’t enabled the NAT for the interface, so packets were not translated (and so probably they were rejected somewhere after they arrived in the server). I added the VPN to the NATted enabled interfaces and now it is working

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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