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    Ok, I have 2 linksys WAP54G’s on one network segment, but have more users than slots available in the 2 points. I need to be able to let more than 100 different users, not all at once but different laptops at different times. Is there a way to allow only authorized MAC addresses to connect to the network. As it is now, i have 50 MACs on each WAP. I lock down by MAC ID to keep unauthorized laptops off the network, as a password will get handed around.
    Is there a way to only allow authorized MAC ids on the network and ignore unauthorized, like the wireless MAC filter does on my WAPs? Can this solution also be used to keep unauthorized hard line connections from connecting?
    I would use the captive portal section, but that is too complicated for several of my users, and would allow unauthorized laptops with inadequate a/v setups.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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