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    I am using a DLink DI-624 on the LAN as an access point. DHCP is disabled, the WAN port is disconnected, DNS forwarding is enabled. I have the DLink’s IP set in the static table (DHCP configuration.) After a period of inactivity, I am unable to get beyond the DLink. I cannot ping the ZS box from a wireless client. I can connect to the AP, and using the DLink’s built-in ping utility, I can ping the ZS box LAN interface as well as external hosts. If I connect the PC to the wired LAN and then disconnect, I am able to regain wirelesss connectivity. Anyone else experience a similar problem?


    Can you be more specific about your setup.
    It’s not clear to me where is your ZS box….


    My configuration:
    Cisco 678 –> Alix WRAP(ZS box) –>DI-624(LAN port)

    The ZS box is the DHCP server, with a static entry for the DI-624 (; DHCP is disabled in the DI-624; I do not have any problems with devices connected to the LAN ports on the DI-624.

    Thank you for your response.


    Try to update the firmware of your access points.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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