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    I’m running SH v3.4.0 on my APU1D4 with a Compex WLE200NX wireless card.

    Before I was running pfSense but wireless support on FreeBSD is sh*t so I wanted a Linux based router/firewall OS.
    After a good search I came across IPFire, installed it and tested it. It was working ok but the lack of multiple SSID’s (guest network etc) made me switch to ZeroShell.

    Setup was a bit harsh at first but after the initial trial and error it’s all working fine now. The webinterface is clean and fast. So far I like it!

    I do have one question though about wireless security.
    The only options for security I have:
    1 = plain text (no encryption)
    2 = WPA Enterprise
    3 = WPA Personal
    4 = WEP

    I noticed when I choose option 3 (WPA personal) the wireless AP is setup with WPA and WPA2 AES+TKIP.

    Is there a way to only setup WPA2 (no WPA1) and only AES (no TKIP)?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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