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    Hello hope you guys can help. I downloaded the vmware appliance and followed the instructions HERE

    Am using WRT54GL with original linksys firmware
    1) configured zeroshell @ – access point is, thisismysharedkey
    2) configured WRT54GL @ – WPA Ent, TKIP, radius, 1812 port, thisismysharedkey, 3600 renewal
    3) imported trust.pem to my wifi clients
    4) configured wifi clients – WPA, TKIP

    My problem is my wifi clients are still validating and cannot connect to the radius.

    EDITED: It always asks for my username and password. What domain do I use? I just left it blank

    What am I doing wrong? TIA! 😥


    Have you checked the RADIUS and the 802.1X logs?



    Yes. Both logs are blank.

    Show requests says it’s ready to process request


    Hi Fulvio! I tried using “RADLOGIN” on my host PC and it seems to authenticate properly

    00:33:45 Ready to process requests.
    00:38:36 Ready to process requests.
    00:40:56 Discarding duplicate request from client router:1725 – ID: 1 due to unfinished request 0
    00:40:56 Login OK: [user] (from client router port 0 cli 1115551212)

    I just can’t seem to authenticate through the linksys router

    EDITED: all firewalls on host pc are off. I can ping from linksys-zeroshell and zeroshell-linksys. WPA Personal and WPA2 Personal works on linksys

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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