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    I’m are looking into using captive portal on a site I manage, and I’m looking through the alternatives which are available. First of all, thanks for assembling and creating this nice distro. I think this is one of the most complete and powerful alternatives; however I would like to wish for some changes:

    Guest WPA access:
    Look into the OpenWRT distribution called Coova. They provide a nice feature to freeradius by using jradius to allow guest WPA access. This a really nice feature to have in internet cafes or public hotspot, while having WPA encrypting wireless connection, instead of the normal uncrypted. This ease the setup of encrypted network, as one doesn’t need the mac-address preregistered in radius. Hope to see this feature in the radius option of zeroshell.

    Captive portal:
    There should be an option to choose if one wants to use the AES authenticator or not; maybe falling back to MAC/IP pairing by using Bridge MAC table or ARP. The AES solution is not optimal when dealing with PDA/Smartphones etc.

    Captive portal:
    Add support for time limited users, or prepaid vouchers that expires X minutes/hours after activation or in total use etc. This doesn’t need to be a local PAM user, but stored elsewhere…

    Hope you agree with these requests and think they belong in the next version of ZeroShell.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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