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    Thank you for creating Zeroshell and making it freely available! I had a small problem with my network card and WOL function:

      • After shutting down Zeroshell using the web interface, I cannot power my server back up using my WOL client.
      • I can walk over to the server, switch OFF the power “mains” for a moment, switch it ON again, and walk back
      to my workstation. After that, I’m able to wake my Zeroshell server using my WOL program. (One time only.)
      • Shutting down Zeroshell using the console keyboard gives the same result as shutting it down via the web interface.

    My server is an older Pentium III Intel mainboard with a D-Link DFE-530TX+ PCI NIC card. This card has a jumper cable to the mainboard to provide WOL. Newer mainboards meeting the PCI 2.2 specification don’t require a WOL jumper cable. My server runs a Celeron 850 MHz CPU and boots from a 512MB flash card installed in an IDE adapter.

    As a side note, I experimented with FreeNAS on the exact same hardware; booting from CF, with a normal HD for network storage. I can shut down FreeNAS using its web interface and again start the computer (remotely, using WOL) without having to play with the power switch. Perhaps something in Zeroshell’s shutdown process fails to place the NIC in a state which allows subsequent “waking”.

    I am not overly concerned with this problem. I thought you might be interested in knowing about it. I welcome any suggestions from the forum.

    I look forward to using Zeroshell as a learning tool to further my network knowledge. I hope to—possibly—use Zeroshell as a wireless AP some day. Your website is very clear and well-designed. Again, thank you for all your excellent work.

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