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    I try again to post a question but I never get a response on my different posts. I try to help other users but others don’t do it for me…

    On zeroshell I give configuration to kerberos access to my AD/DC.

    If I try to use authentification for an user on AD/DC with captive portal, I get a positive response and I can access to internet.

    But now my target is to configure a Wifi access point in WAP2-Enterprise authentification and put Zeroshell server as Radius.

    Configuration is correctly done.

    If I try to connect with internal defined user –> No problem.
    I i try to connect with DC defined user –> LDAP problem because ZeroShell can’t find user on his DB.

    What’s wrong ?
    How is it possible to add an ldap user entrie to indicate to lookup on AD/DC ?


    you should activate the IAS on the Windows Server so it can answer to RADIUS authentication requests. At that point you can configure a proxy RADIUS domain on Zeroshell so all the requests coming from the WPA-Enterprise clients will be forwarded to the Active Directory.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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