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    I just downloaded ZeroShell-1.0.beta4-WRAP-CompactFlash512.img.gz onto a Windows 2k3 machine. The download was about 100 MB so I was surprised to find that the file is 500,472 KB on disk. It is 512,483,328 bytes to be precise.

    Its name has not changed but it is not recognised as a gz archive. Has it somehow been extracted in the download process? Is the size correct for the .img file? Can I just write it to a CF card? What is a good utility for doing this on a Windows machine?

    Sorry for the very basic questions but I can’t find any docs in your FAQ for idiots like me who are trying to use Windows to do these things. Can anyone point me to any docs / utilities?

    Thanks for your patience.


    first you are fine foe doing those things on windows 🙂

    i downloaded the beta4 gz file and extracted the img file from it using winrar.
    the extracted file is an img file that i couldn’t find a software that can show what inside the file.
    the file size is 512MB on disk.
    then i downloaded from here http://m0n0.ch/wall/physdiskwrite.php the physdiskwrite software.
    I used the cf image on HD and not on a CF card and it’s working fine.
    to write the image on HD the command is “physdiskwrite %image name%”
    then you need to choose the output HD from 0 to what ever number of drives you have.
    notice carefully what drive you choose cause that will erase the whole drive.
    after choosing the right driver you are asked to confirm your choice with a y or n.
    it will take a while to write the image!

    put the HD on the PRIMARY MASTER connection (NO SATA AND OTHER STUFF) in the computer you want to be the server.
    and it will boot from the drive.


    @hack2003 wrote:

    i downloaded the beta4 gz file and extracted the img file from it using winrar.

    This is what I expected to do but the downloaded file was already 500MB as if WinRAR had automatically extracted it. I did not ask WinRAR to extract the file.

    The question is: can I assume that the 500MB file is the .img file? I suppose I just have to try it and see. This is why I asked if the size is correct: 512,483,328 bytes?

    Thanks for the physdiskwrite tip,


    if you cant open it with win rar possibly it’s the image file.
    i think i can make hash for my image adn send it to you to check if it;s match the img file.


    Well I just tried flashing the downloaded file to a 1GB CF card with physdiskwrite and ZeroShell was up and running on the WRAP board within a few minutes so it was downloaded and extracted in one go. For information, this was on Win 2k3 Server R2 SP1.

    Now I just have to get it running as a QoS box!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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