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    I generate certificates with scripts using “openssl” commands.

    I’m able to generate certificates for CA, users and servers.

    For these 3 sorts of certificates, I generate files with extensions “.crt”, “.key”, “.pem”, “.p7b”, “.p7c”, “.p12”, “.pfx”, with or without passphrase.

    I’m lost…

    For my personal CA, no problem. The file has been loaded in Zeroshell and is trusted.

    But for user or server, it’s not possible.

    In the screen “Imported certificate and keys”: I don’t understand “certificate” and “key”.

    Certificate is the certificate of the server ? The user ? key is the key of the CA ?

    I’ve tryied a lot of things, but every time the result is bad.

    Thanks for all.


    The importation seems to be good (I’ve not tested if my VPN is fine after).

    In “Certificate”, I select a file that contain the certificate user or server. I use file “.crt” that contains private key, and the key is not protected with passphrase.

    In “key”, I use a “.crt” file that contains the key of the server or the user. This key is not protected by passphrase.

    Thanks for all.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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