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    I’m currently fiddling around around with Zeroshell 2.0RC2 and think I’m running into a bug.
    I’m running the 2.0RC2 USB/SATA/IDE Image virtualized in KVM as a guest on ubuntu based hosts. The Hostsystems are drunning ifferent versions of Ubuntu (10.04,12.04,12.10,13.04 development) and are all kept updated regularly. As a result there are different versions of KVM and the host Linux Kernel in use. I use virtio for disk and network devices. Most times the Zeroshell VMs are presented with just one disk and one NIC packed with a bunch of VLANs.
    Common to all these machines is that Zeroshell often dies with a Kernel Panic on rebooting the VMs. This happens directly after grub on startup. When I shutdown my Zeroshell VMs completely to poweroff and boot them up again I’ve never seen a kernel panic to occur, this is my current workaround. The percentage of failing reboot attempts is around ~30-50%.

    If any more info is needed just ask for it.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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