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    Stefan Groß

    Hi, unfortunately I can’t find any current information about how to install Zeroshell. I’m interested in the current Version, 3.9.0. My Hardware is x86, so I guess I should download the ISO. But all documentation I can find on installing tells me to dd Version 1.0 on some flashdrive, or, some other documentation says there is a install-manager since Version 3.0, but only for users with licence.

    I would not hesitate to obtain a licence, but I can’t find any hints how to do that. I’m used to Linux-installations, and as far as I can see from the available docs, it’s not a problem that I’ve only RS232-console. So her is the questions:

    Is the system for live-usage only?

    If not: can I connect an usb-cd-drive to my hardware, boot it, and an Installer starts? Or will I end in a shell that way, and will have to start an Installer or installation process?

    Or should I write the ISO to some storage, that I physically install in my router afterwards?

    What is the preferred method on x86-hardware?

    Sorry for my bad English, not my mothertongue, any hints will help.

    greetings, Stefan


    Simply downloaded iso x86 version for usb pendrive still nn is out, if you need to use the 3.8.2 for pen usb, otherwise downloaded iso x86 zeroshell version 3.9.0 and start from usc-cdrom at the appearance of the shell ce option “A “to proceed to install on hdl support fixed hd or ssd or microsd that your system has.

    Stefan Groß



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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