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    hi all:

    i have a spare box i wanted to have some fun with so i thought that a box that would act just like a linksys 4 port corded router would be fun.

    here is my topology

    zeroshell box with 5 nics (4 pci nics and 1 onboard nic)
    | | | |
    | | | |

    the 4 nics goto the lan and the one onboard nic goes to the cable-modem

    the 5 nics i set the following ips in zeroshell

    ETH00 =
    ETH01 =
    ETH02 =
    ETH03 =
    ETH04 = (this goes to the cable-modem)

    ETH00 – ETH04 are all on same subnet

    ETH04 i could not add a default gateway….when ever i would try it would tell me its not connected to a network or something

    anyhow i tried to make em all DHCP but of course the ETH04 wouldnt work.

    i read that i needed to add “dhclient ETH04” in another post to the startup script so i did.

    ETH00 – ETH03 assign ips to the computers on my lan perfectly.
    ETH04 seams to be coming up and allowing me to connect to the internet now.

    i have NAT ETH04 in the NAT section

    my problem is when using “FIREWALL” with “DROP INPUT” that i can not connect to net anymore.

    im not using authenticate or captive…only using firewall with “DROP INPUT”

    one more thing
    for the love of god…..make zeroshell DHCP when it first boots….so we dont have to dig for the settings just to get into the web interface….

    i had to read so many posts just to figure out that i needed to “dhclient ETH04” in a startup script….but before that i troubleshooted for at least 5hrs

    another suggestion
    try and setup the web interface into 2 areas at least….one area for LAN and other area for WAN


    i click WAN tab then i select what NIC i want that to belong to and then i can pick DHCP or STATIC or PPOE

    that should be in an area all by itself imho

    great program but currently i have firewall set to ACCEPT INPUT which makes all my ports seen on the net

    thanks for the great program though…i know the final release will have most of this fixed but that little bug where i had to add “dhclient ETH04” to the startup script was terrible….
    might be a good idea to get out another release as that is a major problem


    any help would be appreciated

    is there an irc channel somewhere maybe?


    @en1gma wrote:

    any help would be appreciated

    is there an irc channel somewhere maybe?

    first of all your ip assignment table is wrong. If you want your zeroshell box to act as a switch with 4 lan ports dont u think all of them should be on the same IP scope + same subnet

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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