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    Dear All
    I have workstation ( in my office connect to cisco router (
    I build new workstation ( and plan to connect to workstation

    my configuration:
    Server =
    Gateway =
    ETH00 =
    ETH01 =

    I can ping success from PC with segment to (ETH01), (ETH00), (server), Router (
    but I can’t ping from PC with segment to all segment

    Can help me? please….

    Thx B4


    As far I understand , I would say that a static route lacking…..on cisco router , try to add these lines..
    router#conf t
    router(config)#ip route
    !(assuming your network is a /24)

    then try a ping directly from cisco router to the or the ip address that is the default gateway for the network ) , if successful
    router#wr mem


    Unfortunately I can’t access to router, cause the router set by admin at center office.

    If I change gateway client with, I can ping to segment and segment and I can ping too from to

    right now all client gateway segment default to and can ping to segment without change IP gateway, Can I?

    before, I configure zeroshell with:
    ETH00 =
    ETH01 =
    Default Gateway =

    I want to make connection between two LAN with different segment ( and, so in zeroshell I set ETH00 and ETH01 to NAT. That’s it

    am I right? or is there another way or the best advice for configuration zeroshell with that case? cause I’m new in zeroshell. Thx

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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