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    how do yo configure the captive portal feature so that when I connect my iPhone via Settings > Wi-Fi it should bring up the captive/authentication page?


    I found to support iOS and hundreds of other mobiles properly, I had to turn off the pop-up window setting for all browsers.

    Click “Popup” in the Captive Portal Gateway page and change the pop-up setting to “None” and save the change. This doesn’t remove the authentication page, but it makes the page friendlier to all browsers, not just Safari on iOS. The user account used is still subject to accounting rules and time limits you specify.

    iOS tries to open a web page on the domain when it connects to a WiFi network to make sure you can see any captive portal pages, including the one for Zeroshell. If the request is intercepted by the portal, iOS opens a browser window showing the authentication page. If you don’t see the authentication page, chances are the request succeeded because of a current portal session, or possibly the portal isn’t working at all.


    I’ve read all through the forums and cant seem to find a solution to this. I see a lot of posts with people experiencing the same issues. Has anyone had success in getting the Captive Portal to load automatically upon connecting wirelessly? It works flawlessly with Android, however, with iOS it connects with no other indication that you are behind a captive portal. You have to open safari, then a new tab and type in an address or the address of the zeroshell router.

    Any advice even for dummmies is appreciated as this is the only thing holding me back from going live with my setup. I’ve been researching this for a little over a week.

    Rundown on my setup…
    Eth0 –, Captive portal active on this interface. Public Wifi with AP directly connected
    Eth1 –, Internal Private network both wired and wireless.
    Eth2 –, WAN Interface Direct connect to modem which is preset with NAT enabled

    Routing Table…
    DEFAULT GATEWAY Net 0 ###.##.40.1 ETH02 UG Up Static
    DEFAULT GATEWAY Net 0 ETH01 UG Up Static Net 0 none ETH00 U Up Auto Net 1 ETH01 UG Up Static Net 0 none ETH02 U Up Auto Net 0 none ETH01 U Up Auto Net 0 none ETH02 U Up Auto Net 1 ETH01 UG Up Static Net 0 none VPN99 U Up Auto

    Thank you in advance to anyone who may have a better insight into this!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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