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    Greetings to fellow forum todoslos’m installing the zeroshell
    but I have a problem, I’m using a PC with an integrated network Blast Card SIS 900
    and a PCI Realtek 8139, The SiS900 zeroshell takes me as ETH00 and realtek as ETH01,
    Now I have it 900 system connected to a wifi router and the Realtek to the internet, the problem
    presented is to connect a PC as a client and try to open any page, I think the first
    should utentificacion opening of the zeroshell where you must get the user name
    and password but it is not, I have to put in the address bar and the ip of zeroshell
    there if you open the authentication page, but do not open other Internet sites, not now
    is that there must be giving problem, would appreciate someone who has the zeroshell and Blast Card
    mother has integrated network tell me how you have configured the network If ETH00 or ETH01. Greetings and many

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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