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    Hi! Can you give some tips on how to pick the right hardware for zeroshell per number of host?

    I would like to apply Firewall, QoS, Netbalancer and Failover. ZS as a NAT router. I think all of these features are too much for an old laptop.

    Any answers will be much appreciated. TIA 😀


    For the last 8 or so years I am running this setup sans QoS on a Dell Optiplex GX240, P4 2.8/400 FSB/256 KB cache, 2x256MB SDRAM. It boots from a 40 GB drive that is mostly empty.

    My LAN makes gazilion of connections due to uTorrent and this rig pulls just fine. The soap box routers by Linksys, SMC and DLink just quietly passed out under that load (SMC was the most robust of them).

    Used a Kingston 8GB USB stick for a while, but it died after 1 year, so I stick to a HDD.

    Going to migrate that to an Atom 1.6 GHz box with 2GB DDR2 as soon as low profile Intel PCIe card is delivered (this Compaq has only 1 Ethernet port).



    I am using older Atom ITX boards as routers:

    Intel D2500HN, Intel D2500CC, Asrock AD2550B-ITX

    CPU is more than enough for 300 Mbps VPN. Never gone over 30% load.

    Not using QoS.

    using gigabit PCI network cards in addition – single, dual and Quad.
    from ebay.

    Do NOT use USB stick, it dies soon!

    Use small HDD or SSD.


    U can try as well
    You can look at Apu1 and Apu2

    I just installed zeroshell on an APU2c4 that replaced an older Alix that worked for about 5 years and is still ok. My alix board runs zeroshell as well and maxed out the cpu on a 50 megs ISP connection when downloading torrents. Same activity on APU, the cpu is 3%.

    In my setup I have a msata 16 and wle200nx . Both are supoorted well zeroshell.
    However at the time of writing, cpu temp sensors and leds are not supported.



    Since Atom boards are no longer available, is Zeroshell working on new “Bay Trail” boards?

    Like this one: Gigabyte GA-N3150N-D3V


    It should work. I read about “X session freezes” on bay trail platform, but I have first hand experience with the same freezes on AMD and believe this has more to do with the devs fucking up XOrg more than with Intel.


    I did not get Mini-ITX mainboard this time. Instead I got Micro-ATX, I needed more PCI slots for more network cards.

    I can confirm, that Gigabyte GA-N3050M-D3P is working fine with zeroshell 3.7.1:

    EDIT: ASRock Q1900M Pro3 also seems to work fine with 3.7.1:

    Using Intel Quad NIC-s on it, both PCI (100Mbit) and PCI-E(gigabit).

    PCI-E Quad Intel NIC is Intel I350-T4, I strongly recommend, for 40 USD it is a bargain, using those in several routers:

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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