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    Hello? Does anyone actually use this?
    If I reboot zeroshell from the shell it does not bring up an interface with its self assigned IP strange. No routing table either. zeroshell will not come back on line automatically after a power failure?
    I have it installed to a hd and can save other stuff.

    I see no way to troubleshot why routing to the WAN in the GUI?
    All these scattered guides are conflicting:
    and incomplete…
    It does not say how to set up a Lan to see a balanced dual WAN is it a bridge interface or what?
    I can ping traffic on the lans but not the wan’s?

    Honestly I have never spent so much time trying to set up a router, and I have spent most of my time in the shell setting stuff up with route and ifconfig since the interfaces don’t work correctly.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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