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    I need a little clarification regarding setup and useability of Zeroshell.

    1. If I have DNS server on our LAN – how do I go about with DNS settings
    on Zeroshell ? Do I need to setup anything there ?

    2. LDAP – does Zeroshell act as a full blown LDAP server ? If so, how
    can I import user data to it, and how can I access it from other devices.
    If not, then, if there is another LDAP server on the same LAN – how
    should we setup Zeroshell to play along with it (integrate) ?

    3. Kerberos – do I really need it running to have ZS operating as a router
    / gw / firewall ?

    4. Radius – same question as above

    5. we already have network of wireless access points in our LAN, do we
    really need to setup / use Captive Portal ?

    6. We have setup ZS machine handling multiple internet connections
    with load balancing. However it wasn’t working until in NAT tab we have
    included all interfaces including ETH0 (LAN) to NAT Enabled Interfaces.
    Is it correct way ?

    7. Is there any simple way to copy all settings, edit them externally
    with simple text editor, and then import edited profile to another
    machine ? We have another office where like 90% setting will be the
    same, how could we port edited profile to another machine ?

    Thank you for any helpful answers.


    Anybody please ?


    c’mon guys, no one have an answer for any of those questions ?


    You can back up and restore configuration profilea easily:

    Under profile menu select your profile (I have _DB.001) and press button “backup without logs”.

    Then set up another machine, go to web interfac, select partition (sdax?) and press button “restore profile”

    After profile is restored and machine restarted, just change the needed settings.

    About LDAP I dont know, I have disabled it. Just using ZS as VPN router.

    I have DNS server on internal network and have configured Zeroshell to use forwarder.


    reaperz, thank you very much for your answer. Neat trick, didn’t realize that.
    I am going to give it a try tonight.

    It marks question number 7 as answered, and leaves only 6 questions to
    answer =)

    Anyone willing to chime in ?


    For your #6 I can confirm that in my LB configuration only the ppp0 and ppp1 are NATable and LB works.


    Thank you, DrmCa. That would probably be good to get some clues
    why in my case it did not worked, but nevertheless, at least I know
    that problem must be with my setup.

    So… Two down, five to go…


    1) You can setup zs as slave dns (very easy)

    5) your choice


    Thank you, sanctusmob.

    1. would you care to point out some reference ? I tried to read
    DNS setup related documents, but found it rather confusing (hence
    my question).

    5. Fair enough, check.

    Looks like we got through 50%. Any more answers. please ?


    I could be wrong, but isn’t slave DNS is one where you set up forwarder with the IP of your master DNS? I run that config, using OpenDNS IPs in the forwarder.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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