Zeroshell on an Asus eeeBox?

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    I would like to use an eeeBox for my zeroshell box, and use the wireless card in it for an access point…

    Though it isnt an Atheros Chipset…

    I thought about changing the wireless card over to an Atheros but would prefer not to open the box.

    Has anyone any ideas on whether the access point can be made to work on the existing card?

    From what I can gather the card is an Azurewave AW-NE766 b/g/n Mini PCI-E




    For those interested…

    I bought myself an Atheros MiniPCI-E card to replace the Azurewave one.

    What a ‘insert your own word here’ it was to get the first cover off but after that it was smooth sailing to get right to the back of the system to change the card. Yes, every cover had to come off to get it out…

    But it is installed and working fine under Windows 7 so all I need to do now is fire up a Zeroshell install and see how it goes…

    If anyone wants to know how to get that eeeBox cover off message me…


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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