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    I have a device which i am using as a router/firewall. currently it has ipcop on it but i would like to transition to zeroshell. I have personally modified my ipcop installation so that /var/log is on a ramdisk which only gets committed to permanent storage on reboot and occassionally through a cron job.

    The reason i have done this is due to the limited write capability of flash based storage.

    However, this device connects to the IDE port and appears to be recognized as a standard hard disk drive.

    I have in the past tried to dd a flash based distro of ipcop to this device and it did not appear to boot.

    the question is will the flash based distro of zeroshell work properly on this type of device?

    does the flash based distro of zs write frequently to the flash device?
    is it possibly to easily reduce the amount of HDD IO in a hdd based install of ZS?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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