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    Hi all.
    I have been lurking for a while and I did not find a clear answer (if any) to this question.
    I need to use ZS installed on a an HardDisk (not on CDROM).
    I performed successfully the suggested procedure and I installed the CF image 1.0.beta14 in a ~ 120 GB IDE HD.

    I rebooted the system and I found that this kind of installation created 3 partitions ie:

    /udev/hda1 => ~ 50MB
    /udev/hda2 => ~ 150 MB
    /udev/hda3 => ~ 800 MB

    So the total sum is about 1GB (ie the size for the CF image I have installed) and the profile is stored in hda3.
    As the HD has enough space, I would like to save logs on the Hard Disk by using the “unused space” on the hard disk. Question: is there any possibility to address this “unused” space by enlarging the /dev/hda3 partition or creating a new partition or do have I to give up myself and use another device/disk or whatsoveer to save my logs?

    TIA for any hints,


    I answer to myself. ๐Ÿ™‚
    It is sufficient:
    1. Add a new partition by using the “setup” menu
    2. Create a new profile (= database) in the new partition
    2. Deactivate default profile in /dev/hda3

    Two more things, anyway:
    a) by using web-administration you cannot choose the type of new partition: I mean I cannot choose between primary or extended. The program creates an extended one, in any case.
    Maybe – I’m asking for a confirmation here – you can get a new partition of primary type by using the fdisk command in console.
    b) The hda3 partition stays there, of course, empty. This is not fine to see but I think there is no way to avoid it.
    Maybe you can use some third part programs (like Partition Magic or whatsoever) in order to “enlarge” partition hda3 instead of creating a new hda4. This way you have a better geometry of your disk

    The most imporatnt thing, however is that I did not find any limit to enlarge the space for Database/Profile beside to that allocated directly by the ZS CF image.



    The easiest way is to increase the size of the /dev/hda3 partition by using gparted.

    We do it all the time.

    Just boot up a cd with gparted on it and resize the hda3 partition up to the size of the physical disk. You then do not have to move or disable anything.




    @mgibbons wrote:

    The easiest way is to increase the size of the /dev/hda3 partition by using gparted.

    Tnx. It was exacly what I suspected ๐Ÿ˜‰


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