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    Good morning;
    I am only now just downlaiding Zeroshell.
    I work in the IT department for a small telecommunication company.
    We are trying to offer FREE wifi in a couple areas.

    We have access to putting 20mb dsl internet connections.
    Using our existing infrastructure.
    We use Cisco Routers at the remote locations.

    My question is if i can only use the ZeroShell O/S to authenticate the users access to the internet. But from multiple different locations.

    I dont want to have to do a layer 2 vpn, or an individual ZeroSHell install per location.

    If this is possible can someone please give me directions as to how to accomplish this?

    We currently use PPPoE to authenticate the Dsl modems that connect to our netowrk. So i have a pretty good idea as to how to get hta tworking. BUt i am totally new to ZeroSHell

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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