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    Howdy all,
    Great forum and a FANTASTIC Distro, the Linux community consistantly proves why it will never be replaced with software like zeroshell (and a quick nod to freeNAS, my other favorite).
    at any rate here is my situation.

    My internet connection is provided by uVerse, which is a service of AT&T that provides IP Phone, IP TV, and Fiber Internet (last mile notwithstanding) all of which comes through a single device they call a residential gateway which is a 2Wire 3800HGV.

    The 3800HGV is preconfigured to care of QoS etc for the voip and iptv with input from the customer (me).

    The Internet Section has limited configurability including Port Forwarding etc, but there is NO option for VLANs etc.
    There is one option called DMZPlus which will assign my Public IP to a single Host on the network and send all unassigned packets to that machine so here is my plan.

    I have configured zershell to receive my public IP from the 2Wire (via DHCP) and I can confirm that this has happened because ETH 01 now has my public IP

    how should I configure zeroshell in order to provide Internet access to the networks it will manage?
    in a normal setup I would have zeroshell log in via PPPoE, however the 2Wire does this already.

    What should I set as the Default Gateway on the NIC connected to the 2Wire DMZ? I have the DG of my ISP, perhaps I should use that?

    I know my setup is a bit Goofy but hopefully you all can help.

    Thanks in Advance


    What you should do is enable NAT on this interface. The default gateway should be acquired from DHCP from the 3800HGV.


    ahhh, of course…
    I’m wondering now if I have a different issue then because I let the WAN interface aquire it’s IP via DHCP, it should have received the DG at the same time (as you say). I was unable to access webpages from a host on the subnetwork of the LAN adapter.
    I have a bunch of info on the Static Route stuff so I will try that tonight.



    Tell us what is there in the routing table to make sure that you have all it needs to work properly.


    Got it all up and running, thanks again.
    enabling NAT on ETH01 after the 3800 issued the Public IP to ETH01 did the trick.

    I am having errors saving the profile now though as any partitions I try to create Error out (Error during partitioning!!! ).
    I have one partition that errored out that I cannot delete becuase it allegedly contains a profile.

    Model: WDC WD800BB-55JKA0 (hdc) Capacity: 74 GB

    ERROR Type: ERROR Capacity: 0 KB

    I will start a new Thread for this.


    Got it all working.

    HD I was using had a freeBSD installation on it that must have been interfering.

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