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    hello there,

    i was just asking myself if zeroshell ships with a tool like iftop. in case our
    bandwidth is completely used up to check which client is using the bandwidth.
    i am successfully using the zeroshell with QoS and so on, but still, iftop would
    be cool.


    I don’t know this software, but I am going to try it as soon as possible.
    For traffic accounting I think to export these values by using SNMP. If so you will be able to read them with MRTG.



    IFTOP is nice for rapid manual checks, but monitoring QOS queue parameters with SNMP is really a must to detect problems in the traffic.


    another cool tool for monitoring traffic is iptraf:

    Is it onboard?
    Can you post all included packages in ZeroShell on the homepage?


    IPtraf is nice, but it does not give you interesting details about each QOS queue lenght on the router.

    This information is very usefull to fastly find a bootleneck.

    Another interesting parameter is the induced jitter for each class of traffic.

    As soon as a queue has too many paquets in it, you know that you should do something to solve the problem.

    Queue statistics is the key to set a good QOS system.

    IPtraf or all other external monitoring system will not give you an inside view of the router QOS queues.

    That’s why it is important to monitor those parameters through SNMP or similar protocols.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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