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    The new ZeroSpot is ready.

    ZeroSpot now is a Graphical Interface client for the Zeroshell captive-portal, written entirely in Java.
    After download, double click the executable, enter some information for the connection to the Zeroshell host and ZeroSpot is ready to go.
    It provides a multi-dialog system where each functionality is callable through the system tray (icon on the tool-bar). It is particularly oriented to be employed in accommodation facilities where the Free Wi-Fi Zone is mandatory.
    At the time it is available only for Windows platform.

    More details, documentation and download (executable and source) on

    Have a nice day.


    Hi looks great, I gave it a try on my windoz 8 pc, it just sticks at the splash screen

    Does it not work with windoz8 ?



    Did the first execution successfully generate the SSL certificate?
    That is proven by the ssl generator console output at first run, see documentation

    If so, assuming that the captive portal is successfully configured and that the connection to the Zeroshell host is up, let my know how many users are currently enrolled on your Zeroshell box and also what actions you had exactly performed from the first to te last one when you run the executable first time.

    I cannot test a Windows 8 machine at the moment, but I’ll do what I can to test it as soon as possible. Let me know telling me also the Java version.


    it hangs before is even gets to the 1st prompt. Before SSL

    I see a round graphic with zerospot/wifi and an animated blue rotating light. It does not go any further

    I am running java ver 7 update 51


    Java version is ok. Please tell me from what directory are you running the executable. Are you prompted from the UAC by the operative system when you double click the file? If it hangs at the very beginning that could be for insufficient writing permissions on the current execution path. That is the only assumption that I can do without a live test.

    Let me know, sorry for the inconvenience.



    I’m getting the same problem when i try to install zerospot. I check the log generated by the install and found this warning message: “Missing resource file for language: English”

    How can this be fixed


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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