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    Salve !
    for a specific case I need to populate more than 100 aliases for ETH00. Up to 100, the GUI add works fine. On the last, the GUI keeps overwriting ETH00:100.

    I can manually create ETH00:101 so this is a pure display/gui issue IMHO.

    Unless there is a tweak somewhere to change that ?
    Are you aware of such issue ?
    I’m afraid I’ll need to workaround by an init script, but that will make the GUI inoperant with the real configs of ETH00…

    Thanks for the tremendous work.


    I haven’t seen all the scripts in kerbynet.cgi so far.

    I’ll try to find where both the add_ip and show_ip routines are bound somehow to 2 digit in the subfolders in the register folder…


    Found out a simple workaround.

    During the addip call, there is a sort issued in the IP folders. sort will always return 99 as last value, even if there is 100,101,…

    Just adding “-n” to sort solved the issue.
    (line 32 of addip, version 3.8.1)
    With “sort -n”, the last interface shown by the ls would be the real last numeric one (ie 101 will display after 100 and not after 10).

    Another workaround (cleaner) is just to set ALIAS to 000 instead of 00, but I didn’t try so far, and this needs also a rename of the originally created interface of ETH00:00 when initializing a profile.

    If Fulvio comes around and check, would be great to integrate this small fix ?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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