ZS as 3g router, speed tops at 1,5 / 0,75 Mbps (down/up)

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    After facing terribly slow performance on a setup with bonded VPNs over several 3g modems (3x Huawei K3765 internet keys), I started to take as many elements out of the equation to discover where the problem really is. So now I have:
    – HP ProBook 4320s (i5 460, 4 GB RAM, 7200 rpm HD, not blazing fast but not a bottleneck either)
    – Windows 7 Ultimate x64 host
    – ZeroShell as a VMWare Player guest on my notebook
    – K3765 ad a 3g modem on the guest machine

    The host and the guest are connected through the “NAT: used to share the host’s IP address” option in VMWare Player.

    Testing the speed at speedtest.net when using the virtualized ZeroShell as a 3g router *always* gives the very same result, that is a steady 1,5 Mbps download and a steady 750 Kbps upload. Connecting the internet key directly to the notebook under Win7 x64 gives about 5-6 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload, with the same SIM card. So this really looks like an imposed speed limit and not poor performance. Almost certainly the bottleneck is one or both of the following:

    – virtualization software (e.g. bad network card emulation)
    – ZeroShell itself

    I’ve read here on the forum that, oddly enough, leaving QoS disabled may still limit network performance, but in my case turning it on and setting large values as the link capability and maximum allowed bandwidth doesn’t make any difference.

    Anybody can help me find what’s wrong?


    I do not understand this forum.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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