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    I’ve got couple of ISD525 boards with 6 gigabit LAN ports
    based on Intel 82574L. I am trying to install ZeroShell, but
    it does not detect it.

    Reading through this forum I found that kernel support for
    Intel 82574L starts from 2.6.28, while ZS image available
    for download is based on earlier version of Linux kernel.

    There were few methods listed on this forum to fix this
    shortcoming, based mostly on recompiling the package with
    the new kernel, but I do not have enough experience to
    follow this way.

    Is there any less convoluted way to get ZS running on my
    boards ?

    Thank you for any helpful answers.


    zs-dev beta 16 compiled with kernel 3.1.6. I’m not sure if it work with your board. maybe u can give it a try. see this thread:



    Thank you, aemarx.

    I will give it a try and report back.

    Not sure if I can manage to boot it from USB, but guess should not
    be a big challenge.


    A follow-up.

    I used physdiskwrite to copy the image to USB and to CF-card.
    Worked out perfect in both cases. I can enjoy now ZS on ISD525

    Thanks again to aemarx for a tip.


    YW. congrat 🙂

    btw, nice board you have there. its very difficult/expensive to find such board in my country. where did u get it?


    Sorry, did not check replies.

    I bought that from mainboard broker (they call
    it manufacturer =) in China.

    Do not want to advertise commercial services here,
    PM me if you are interested and I will send you the

    Btw, yes it was expensive – 190 USD plus shipping =/

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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