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    I set up ZS v3, I’m quite novice though. I’m using it as a gateway for a housing complex, it has been running for 2months without any major problems.

    I use the radius and captive portal.
    ZS dials the pppoe through a bridged aDSL modem, users connect through wireless access points, authenticate, then have internet access.

    Yesterday I couldn’t access ZS through the VPN so I drove out there and found that ZS says it had no internet connection. I spent a lot of time on the phone with the ISP and got the ZS box to connect again. It only lasted for a few seconds the it went back to saying no internet connection even though the pppoe connects with and gets an external IP address.

    I plugged another router in to dial through the same modem and there were no problems.

    Please help me. I have no idea what to do anymore.


    This can be a multitude of problems.

      1. your ISP has issues.
      2. your physical DSL line has issues.
      3. your modem has issues.
      4. NIC in the ZS box has issues.

    I experienced all of the above in the last 6 or so years that I run a ZS box so I always have a couple extra NICs and DSL modems on hand to verify.

    Your test with another router kind of proves that #3 is not the case, so rule out ## 1, 2 and 4.

    What is telling you ‘no internet connection’? What is the ppp0 interface status in ZS when it is happening? Can you ping provider’s IP at that moment?


    Thank you for your help.

    I don’t understand how it could be the ISP if all is working with a replacement router that dials through the modem, could you clarify for me please?

    The DSL line might have issues but the port was reset and is syncing on the ISP side correctly, according to them.

    The NIC, perhaps it’s that. I will try with a spare and see if it helps.

    I understand the “no internet connection” was vague, apologies. On the Setup startup up page, there is a message board on the right, that thing refreshes itself every-time you open that page. When the pppoe connects and gets an external IP, I go back to the main page and it refreshes fine. I then test the captiveportal and get no redirection, I then proceed to login and see that the message board is not refreshing again but the pppoe still has the status connected. The ISP can see the connection also. When I disconnect, it won’t connect again without restating the modem.

    Hope I’ve explained this correctly.


    I have fiddled with replacement NIC’s and I still have the same problem.


    What modem are you using? If you cannot re-connect w/o restarting the modem, than it would be the modem then. I never saw anything like that with ZS and I used it with a number of different modems over the last 6 years.
    You are checking the status by looking at the update info page, which is not very reliable. Can you check ppp0 interface status and ping the provider’s router port instead when the problem occurs?


    So I have an update on the issue.

    After ruling out all other possibilities listed.
    I got on the phone again with the ISP and told them that other internet accounts are working on this system, it is looking like a DNS error to me. One of their techies yesterday told me that there should be no DNS unless I changed something, which I hadn’t.

    As it turns out, they had edited their DNS rules to only allow their DNS servers and Google’s. I had another DNS setup in the forwarder that was being blocked and, for some reason, ZS was not using the others at all. I removed the openDNS servers and it began to work fine again.

    I grately appreciate your help in troubleshooting this with me, you have been incredibly helpful. I’m sure it would have taken me longer to blame the ISP, I was so stressed out that I was working with blinkers on.

    Many thanks!


    Wow, sounds like a good time to dump an ISP that blocks DNS 🙁



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