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    redfive thanks you nailed it. My issues is fixed. Thanks so much

    in reply to: Zeroshell limiting my bandwith #53669

    I finally resolved the issue with my bandwith.
    It was frustrating issues stacked on top of each other. Here the things I had to do :

    1. Install a GB internet card in ZS server
    2. Set the ling to 1GB on the fritzbox with that the bandwith did go from 10 to 18 down
    3. on the fritzbox disable ipv6 the bandwith did go all the way to my max of 30
    4 Take the server downstairs and connect no connection, it worked with the 100mb card. Apparently the cable in the wall or one of the connectors has an issue
    5. use an alternate cable from the wall.

    YES full speed internet both ways. It is done and it was not Zeroshells fault.

    I am very glad it works now. the next FW server will be a tiny box next to the router to exclude these other issues.

    Fulvio keep up the great work. I love your product

    in reply to: Installing web server behind zeroshell #53731

    Add a virtual server in the zeroshell web interface. Make sure you specify all required ports.
    You can also setup routes to do it.

    Make sure your web server is secured. Ideally you may want to have it in the DMZ and not your internal network

    in reply to: Zeroshell limiting my bandwith #53668

    After many more tests I have not found the issue but eliminated a few other problems.

    1. The PCI slot in the machine was limiting the danwith to 10 MB
    2. The patch cables did degrade the performance. Mybe they should be changed ever 15 years
    3Excluded the in wall wiring by using a direct cat6 cable.

    When I connect to a local ressource, my synology I get 50/60MB copy speed but when I connect the dsl router i am down to 15MB
    For now i have changed my network by using the dsl box as gateway and now my download speed is 30mb as expected.

    Any suggestions on what would cause me to lose 50% of my download perfromance ? Upload both configurations have the same performance

    in reply to: Zeroshell limiting my bandwith #53667

    After doing some tests it does seem that the Acton card for the external traffic is causing all the problems or maybe the wires between the firewall and the DSL router. they are on a differentt floor with probably 20 m of cable between the 2

    It should all be cat 6 tested and certified but maybe there is an issue with the plug behind the rack. more invesitgation to do or a good reason to buy a real firewlll hardware

    in reply to: New Zeroshell 3.3.0 #53664


    Thank you for the update. the upgrade process was transparent. gReat work on the ease of use.
    I hope that one day you will be able to implement IPV6 as well. I am not too much in a hurry since it would mean for me I have to learn a whole new can of worms.

    Keep up the great work a very happy customer

    in reply to: home gateway – recommended hardware #53638

    O have used an old PC for a few years, now with bandwith upgrade to fiber, I am looking at these
    some very nice low power options, not sure if wifi is provided in some. this is not high on my list

    in reply to: Loadbalancing works great #52678

    After running this setup for the last 2 weeks I can only say I love it.

    I have posted a blog with some stats on my web site

    in reply to: Features inquiry in Zeroshell #51622

    All the points you are listing a typically things a firewall would be doing.
    Clearly it does take at least some skills, understanding and time to get ZS to work.

    1.Control to sites yes this is possible but if you are looking for an easy solution try I actually use that after my ZS firewall.

    2.Same as above you can limit the traffic on firewall or DNS, some thinks like Skype can be a real challenge to prevent the usage.

    3. you could maybe to that with ZS but I guess it would not be the ideal tool for that. same thing for details about downloads possible but not easy graphical.

    4.yes you can see connections from any of your clients but in most cases you will wonder what it going on there. There is no east answer like this user is playing an online game and downloading porn.

    5. This is fairly simple to implement with rules on the firewall. I created 4 rules to limit the internet time of the kids.

    in reply to: automatic reboot #51629

    have a look at this post.

    It is fairly easy in unix to schedule a command to reboot your server every day or when ever you need it.

    Just remember it may kill any large download you would do overnight.

    I would also investigate for other problems. My zeroshell worked flawlessly for 673 day’s before I rebooted to install the latest update.

    in reply to: DELETED #49568

    I am not sure I get your question.

    If you have an ADSL Line you need an ADSL modem or router (most of them have WIFI included and should work out of the box.

    If you are looking into Zeroshell then there are 2 options

    1. You already have it installed and you only need inside an large enough IP pool or dhcp and a wireless access point

    2. You are new to zeroshell and would like to use it. Then i am not sure that with your 2 PC’s it is worth all the trouble. YOu need to dedicate 1 machine at least partially to zershell you need 2 network cards and/or vmware. Again the PC’s would connect through an access point or wifi router to the network

    in reply to: How to block all internet traffic from an internal Fixed IP #49071

    Thanks for your suggestions. I have now resolve the issue with the following rune

    Destination IP
    All protocols
    action DROP

    Works great and yes the priority of the rules was important. Now I know that restricted rules have to go first.

    in reply to: Midnight Commander #47421

    I vote for it too.

    Love zeroshell but I hate VI MC would make it so much easier to use

    in reply to: GRUB Loading, Error 17 #47667

    I finally got a chance to test this fix and I now have the solution

    1. You have to unmount the HD
    2. from the mounted usb disk use the command gunzip -c zs.img.gz >/dev/hda
    3. Once completed reboot
    4. Change the IP from the remote PC where the profil was stored
    4. I had to add a new partition for the remaining free space
    5. Restore the profile from a backup

    I am now back in busines and I don’t need to boot from the CD anymore

    in reply to: http proxy blocks all access after a couple days #48005

    I have exactly the same problem and after some time with disabled I have tried to enable the proxy but it will stay in the starting state on the web interface and eventually it will fail.

    Let me know if you need any details to troubleshoot this issue

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