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  • in reply to: Bridging a 2 VPN Bond with only one physical Ethernet port #64427

    Sorry but its hard to understand what you try to do.
    2 locations ruuning ZS with only one Ethernet interface
    Between both you make an VPN and you want to bridge between the 2 boxes ?

    Could you make an simple drawing with IP info about this setup ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I think you can make an VLAn between and bridge that but NOT the sane NET as the public IP the boxes have..

    in reply to: ZeroShell on APU2C4 #64426

    Well make an USB version and insert it in the APU system.
    using the serial interface during boot press F10 and select the USB.

    After an while you get the installer and follow that.

    let me know if that works for you.
    Else I can post an img that you can put on a SD card.

    good luck.

    in reply to: Development Environment (gcc, g++ and header files) #64399

    Hi, I’m finally ready to try this.
    And would like to know if there are some helpful hints to use it.

    I have installed 40c00 some time ago and in the meantime upgraded the zeroshell versions / kernels.
    Now when I try to run MAKE on 4.4.95 (3.8.2) it ok
    Just making beep1.3 seems to go fine (doesn’t work but that’s an other thing)
    any other version of the kernel gives “Segmentation fault”
    What to do to solve that.

    in reply to: ZeroShell on APU2C4 #64398

    Hi Olivier,

    I’m using the APU2C4 from the beginning and back teham Fulvio had to adjust the loader for it.
    but all new versions work great.
    Best is using an mSata SSD disk I have some of 16Gb and those are plenty of space to work with.
    You can use SD but those cards breakdown much faster than the mSATA and are not so reliable.
    the Temp of 30C is not an issue you have to be sure to mound the heatsink correct in the case for the cpu.

    I use the english version so can’t say about localization.
    The APU2 is powerfull and can handle 50 Mbit easy. but if you do special things like filtering firewall rules that could use cpu but I don’t think you will notice the impact of it.

    I’m not using the captive portal and if i read your msg why would you use it ๐Ÿ˜‰
    good luck


    in reply to: Cannot Install Packages Help! #64397

    reboot the box that might help.
    also do you have the 64bit version go back to 32bit
    I have seen that before it helped me to run 32bit.


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