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    You may be interested in the open-vm-tools project:

    I compiled these tools in other environments, and I expect it would be possible to compile them for Zeroshell. However, it may not be easy, and I do not have the resources to carry that banner. In the short term, it should be possible to compile the vmxnet driver for the kernel which Zeroshell uses. This is really the only aspect of the tools that Zeroshell would utilize. In my case, I compiled the vmxnet module for RHEL 4.4 in order to put it on a kickstart disc for network installations via http within a VM. Using just the driver gave me the performance I needed.

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    That works, but you can use signals to control OpenVPN more precisely. From http://openvpn.net/howto.html

    * SIGUSR1 — Conditional restart, designed to restart without root privileges
    * SIGUSR2 — Output connection statistics to log file or syslog
    * SIGHUP — Hard restart
    * SIGTERM, SIGINT — Exit

    For the Windows client,

    * F1 — Conditional restart (doesn’t close/reopen TAP adapter)
    * F2 — Show connection statistics
    * F3 — Hard restart
    * F4 — Exit

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    My thought is to connect the LAN to the included NIC, and use a USB2.0 NIC for the Internet connection.

    Load refers the the average number of processes running over the last 1, 5 and 15 minutes respectively. It is not related to the %cpu load.

    I prefer to use a small x86 system. I really like Linksys, but I have troubles with all three devices (two NSLU2 and one WRK54G) I own. The contents of the flash gradually become randomly scrambled over time, and I can’t figure out why (static electricity?). I haven’t tried the Asus units, although I’ve heard they are very good for OpenWRT.

    I like that the JrSX boots from easily removable flash memory. I really like the Soekris, but it is about $200 more.

    in reply to: How to not forward default gateway over openvpn on road warr #45953

    It does not push routes to the vpn client.

    When I add –push “route” to the “command line parameters” field it complains because it appears the double quotes are not handled by zeroshell. I can add the route to my client ovnp, but I’d rather push it.

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    That worked perfectly. Thanks!

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    I, too, am working on “HowTo” documents for host-LAN and LAN-LAN VPN networking. For now, I would like to add an important step. I had an issue where the VPN would suddenly stop working during high-speed transfers. I am using Windows XP on a public network to connect to a private network behind Zeroshell:

    Windows XP <---> Zeroshell <--> private network

    Here are two important registry entries:

    These settings are discussed at



    Daniel Barnes

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