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    I downloaded your image, as the older kernel in the standard image does not support one of my network cards.

    Wrote image to a USB drive, it boots fine and comes up OK, however I can not create a new profile.
    When I try it always claims the LDAP base is malformed.
    This is also the case with the default, and the examples given.
    I’ve tried our correct ldap base, as well as dc=example,dc=com and o=example.com
    I even tried o= with our real base (Which normally wouldn’t work) and also leaving the field blank.

    There is no default profile listed either, so without any profiles able to exist, I can’t save any settings.

    At this stage I don’t even care if the LDAP features are unused, I’d just like to create a profile to save settings in.

    Any suggestions?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)