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    since you have 1wan and 1lan system , you don’t need to use bridge.
    Try use normal setup of zeroshell where eth00 is for lan and eth01 is for wan/dsl/pppoe etc.

    You can easily do qos on normal setup , where eth00 will became outgoing interface for packets coming from wan/internet to lan , here you can apply qos and limit the bandwidth. The eth01/ppp will be outgoing interface for traffic coming from lan to wan/internet , and you can apply the qao here also.

    You need to substitute eth01 with ppp0 if you use ppp/pppoe , then you don’t need to apply qos on eth01 only on ppp0.
    The mechanism for creating class and classifying the traffic is same as described in qos article.


    Bridge can be extremly useful , if you have another router or server which is either incapable of doing qos or runs a cache server(which makes little difficult to do a qos). Bridge has other uses also.

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    You would need to create two seprate table for that , one for each isp . This is basically equal cost multipath routing or a case of multiple default routes.
    Idea is to use the correct source address and interface for each pkt.
    You will need to mark the packets for both incoming and outgoing depending upon your requirements.
    Inside the main table the default route will something like this

    ip ro add default nexthop via x.x.x.x dev ppp0 nexthop via y.y.y.y dev eth2

    You can also have single default route via ppp0 and for webserver you route all outgoing pkts to use eth2 src ip address.

    Mine suggestion will be to first try out in a local linux machine and experiment there, once you are sure then you can move it to zeroshell , there also i guess you have to use console to configure it .
    Here are few resources , where you can find more info.
    lartc.org and netfilter list its a must read if you want to try this out otherwise you will struggle.

    if you do try make sure you have IP_ROUTE_MULTIPATH_CACHED disabled in the kernel.
    good luck. 🙂

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    I am not aware if zeroshell runs a ssh server , so you might me getting this error because of it. Sorry I might be wrong here as i don’t have the machine with me at present.

    in reply to: Boot disk #45271

    Please check this link : http://www.zeroshell.net/eng/faq/storage/#sto.faq1
    see if it works for you .You can attached your old hdd it to another linux system and write the image from there.

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