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    Ian Harrison

    Looking for a little help setting up the internet connection. I have got several things working but am not able to get through to the internet.
    Running on a core i5 box with 10 Ethernet interfaces, 9 are GB and one 100M interface (ETH01) used for the ADSL 2 router (Netgear D7000). All other NICs (ie not ETH01) are Bridged (BRIDGE00) to a single network giving me about 250 IPs for my network.
    The ZS box is, so the Gatway, and DNS for my network is also and DHCP does appear to by setting these all OK to the clients on the Network.
    ETH01 has been set as a PPPoE port (PPP00), and the Modem (now set to Modem only mode) appears to be responding correctly with three white LEDS (Power, Internet, DSL all connected).
    But no clients (wired, wireless, W10, Droid) can access the internet…the all show icons for no internet.
    NAT routing table is (NB VPN is not enabled at present)

    Destination Netmask Type Metric Gateway Interface Flags State Source
    DEFAULT GATEWAY Net 0 BRIDGE00 UG Up Static Net 0 none BRIDGE00 U Up Auto Net 0 none VPN99 U Up Auto

    I would expect to see somewhere in the interface the IP address allocated to ETH01 by my ISP (this changes every time the ADSL interface is restarted) but I have not found it. On the Linux Shell interface (on the ZS has a monitor for moment), there is a IP6 address, but so do the active NICs on Bridge00.
    So what am I missing to make this connection between the Gateway and the Modem…and how can I see the IP address allocated through the Modem to ETH01 (gives me confidence it is working)?
    I followed setup instructions from this site for a SOHO network (albeit 2011) and NAT, both were useful.

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