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    Honestly, I’ve never thought about doing that. I’m pretty sure that Microsoft wants the secondary DNS servers to be AD type DNS servers if the zone was configured as an AD DNS domain. Now, you may find a complicated workaround, but you may want to create a subzone that is not an AD type to coordinate with your ZeroShell DNS.

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    I’m not following your problem all that well but perhaps you have an IP conflict? This is plausible because it seems like you may be trying to bring up another set of NICs.

    Assuming your client is on the same subnet, you might use the ARP command to look a the arp table mapping when the connection is good vs. when it is not. If the ARP mapping changed, you might be able to determine what devices are conflicting and further troubleshoot.


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    @Suso wrote:

    Hello…My name is Suso, and am testing the distribution to manage wifi…
    It is quite complete, and seems quite stable…Already I will comment something that could improve …
    The subject of this post, (no where fit it) is to see the possibility to install the service onwcloud inside the server zeroshell…It is possible?…Could guide me in the first steps to be able to try it?


    Thank you very much.

    Neat idea (similar to Dropbox or iCloud)! 🙂

    I’m not sure if ZeroShell would be the right destination for an Owncloud server however OpenWRT has a lot of user select-able modules and might be suitable for such a thing like owncloud. Of course, I don’t speak for Fulvio.


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    @maxairflow wrote:

    I have an older, working ZeroShell box we use for outbound NAT only. An older DNS server is being retired, and I have been notified this box is still making DNS requests from the soon to be retired DNS server. All hosts on the LAn side do have the correct DNS server passed to them by DHCP service upon bootup, so I am unclear why the ZeroShell NAT process would forward all DNS requests to the older DNS box, or what is actually happening.

    I have installed a new box and intend to cutover to 2.0RC2 asap, but kinna wanna understand what is going on. When the hosts behind the ZeroShell make a DNS request which passes through ZeroShell to get to the DNS server, would the NAT process reroute their DNS requests to the server defined in ZeroShell??

    I do not see any entries for DNS forwarding in the existing ZeroShell….

    If I’m not mistaken named (BIND 9) does the request forwarding on behalf of the client. BIND, of course, runs on ZeroShell. NAT might enter the equation if none of the ZeroShell interfaces had a public IP address routeable to the Internet.


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    routing tables
    Firewall rules and
    An ifconfig -a


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    I determined that I needed to setup my Forward Rule to deal with the NAT. Now I think I did have to set the sip port to track 5090/udp, too which is not likely to survive through a reboot unless I script the change.

    Anybody know how to set modprobe parms in ZeroShell?

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    Oh, a few other details which are interesting…

    1. ZeroShell replaced a DD-WRT router. WRT is a 2.6 Linux kernel and that has the nat tracking of SIP. So I don’t think I can say that Linux can’t do the job. I didn’t change the network design. The phones use the same IP & gateway address.
    2. Interesting that one of the phones is REALLY bad about the symptom, whilst They are the same phone model. Polycom controls them so I don’t know if they’re doing something different for one phone over another
    3. My troubleshooting was with the 1.66 phone
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    IANASD (I am not a software Developer)…

    Does Mr. Fulvio have some sort of bug tracker and/or source tracking for those of us crazy enough to try to assist in the project?

    I see this under the license. I think ZeroShell is pretty nice.


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    @Blues_wolf wrote:

    Hello Everyone,

    There’s something I’m missing obviously but I can’t figure it out.

    Here’s the thing, I have a Zeroshell VM with 2 Network cards with static IPs as follow.


    I have two hosts connected to each network card with IPs as follow:

    Host1: – Gateway:
    Host2: – Gateway:

    Now, here’s the weird thing.
    Host2 can ping Host1, BUT Host1 can’t ping Host2.

    Host1 only reaches ETH02 (that’s ).

    Host2 is reacheable by any other host in the same network, so it’s not a firewall or OS problem in Host2.

    Is there something I’m missing in this configuration?

    routing tables (all hosts) and ZS firewall settings probably would help

    Firewall: Pings are usually icmp echo-request, echo-reply[/i]

    Also, some Windows Firewalls block ping by default. Methinks Win 7 does this. I wouldn’t bet my life on that but I seem to recall seeing some newer Windows OS firewalls blocking pings.

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    @cgallardo wrote:

    Any idea for this script ¿?

    Exits ¿?

    I’m thinking you’d use a bulk ldap add. So maybe something that can output to a .ldif and then import. Never tried it.

    in reply to: 2.0RC2 — Does it work at all? #52629

    @DrmCa wrote:

    Figured my CD image was corrupt from using download accelerator… 2nd try…

    No good! No more load balancing, limited under 6 mbit.

    Actually, after more testing, I managed to force some load balancing to occur after adding many download segments. With 1.0 and Atheling’s patch the 2nd d/l segment would almost 100% be load balanced. Here I had to add 6-7 segments to get load balancing.

    Do I need to remove Atheling’s patch? Maybe it’s interfering…

    You may want to run a checksum of your 2.0RC2 image. I’ve seen some reports that some of the download sites (one in Switzerland?) may have bad copies. Incidentally, my 2.0RC2 CD ISO has this SHA-1 hash: f7abb94f0808b9675d7f072fb662c3256b051e0e and has been working.

    in reply to: zs as wireless bridge? #51652

    @_Mat_ wrote:

    I would like to use zs as wireless bridge, to connect my printer without cabeling.
    Wireless is running in client mode already and I get an IP from the access point by dhcp.
    My next step was to create a bridge and put eth0 and the wireless interface into it. I’ve selected dyn IP for the bridge but I don’t get an IP anymore and even setting a static ip will not work. I cannot ping the access point anymore.

    Is it not possible to bridge the lan and the wlan interface?

    This is an old message but maybe my answer will help somebody using ZS now or in the future.

    If the address was bound to ETH00 and then you made the bridge, I think that the address is lost due to the creation of the bridge made up of ETH00 and WLAN if. You probably need to setup a DHCP client on the BRIDGE00 so that the bridge can grab an IP from the DHCP server running on the WAP.

    So you can probably jump on the console of your ZS box to fix the IP’s so that you can re-establish your web server management.

    in reply to: Supported Wireless Hardware List #52332

    I am having good success with a new DLink PCI card & 2.0 RC2

    Model DWA-552.

    I have the external Rosewill antenna.

    I have 3 SSID’s on the card with varying security levels.

    in reply to: Passing VLAN tags across Bridge #51980

    @ismashkhy wrote:

    My LAN is ETH00
    WAN is ETH01

    BRIDGE00 them



    I want zeroshell to act as a transparent filter across from my VLAN manage switch to the Main Firewall,


    from my VLAN Manage switch

    VLAN100 = DC Active Directory
    VLAN110 = CLients
    VLAN210 = Guest


    How can I pass the VLAN tags across with zeroshell


    And also Win2K3 AD w/c is member of VLAN100 will manage the DHCP leases and request.

    MAin FW =
    Zeroshell (Bridge) =
    Win2k3 =
    DNS =

    IP GW=

    IP GW=


    I have tried all FW distro that I could try,

    but Zeroshell might fit my needs,


    I had to create vlan’s on my box for the ETH interfaces. I put them on ETH01.10, ETH01.11, ETH01.12 for VLAN’s 10-12. Once I did that, that physical interface was 802.1q (?) trunked so it talked to my managed switches just fine.

    in reply to: IPv6 Support #51479

    Something tells me that this could be done but for us non-skilled-in=programming sysadmin types would have a hard time making IPv6 settings stick through a reboot.

    Hoping that Comcast in my area gets their Cisco code upgraded or switches to the Arris gear which routes IPv6. I would probably need the DHCPv6 forwarder enabled in ZS for IPv6 to work with Comcast.

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