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    @atheling wrote:

    I would hope so as development would proceed faster.

    I fully agree. I like Zeroshell and its features and I would love rather to be able to track and test what is being developed than to wait until a new relase comes out. It is difficult when a project is almost entirely in the hands of a single person (Fulvio in this case). Everything depends on that person and loads of repsonsibility sit with that person. A more open development process would not only distribute the development load and utilize resources, it would minimize the risk of the whole project going down if that single person for whatever reason drops out.
    This last point is very important for people who use ZeroShell in productive business environments.

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    I am interested in this as well. I would appreciate to see the accounting in the Captive Portal working soon.
    thanks for all the work!

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    I also had problems with migrating profiles between two 1.0b13 machines by using the backup / restore facility. The restore always terminated with an error message.

    What worked for me at the end was to create a copy of the active profile on the source machine and then backup this copy instead of the active profile. This backup could be restored on the destination without any problems.

    in reply to: New release 1.0.beta13 #50631

    Hi Fulvio,
    thanks for this great piece of work! Where can I find release notes that tell me what bugs have been fixed ?

    in reply to: Installing Zeroshell on Virtualbox #50552

    We are using a similar setup here. ZS and Virtualbox are fairly easy to install. Here is what I suggest:
    – Ceate a VM for Zeroshell with the ISO file as virtual CD/DVD and as bootdrive
    – Add a small (200Mb) or less virtual harddisk to the VM. This you can use to store your profile.
    – Add the two virtual network adapters. For each adapter you choose “Attach to – Bridged Adapter” and in the “Name” dropdown you choose the NIC on your host system that you want to connect to the virtual NIC.
    – Boot and configure ZS as you like.

    enjoy, Mark

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    @jacobsa wrote:

    Yeah that is what I have been doing to resolve the issues, just wondered if anyone else has seen that problem, or if it was just me going crazy. 🙂
    Anything in the pipeline for this fulvio?

    The feature is actually there. You have to set a manual balancing rule:
    – Go to NetBalancer / Balancing rules
    – Add a new rule ( a popup for the rule comes up)
    – In the “Packet Matching” section you enter the servers IP as destination IP
    – In the “Protocol Matching” section you choose “TCP” and enter 443 (HTTPS) as destination port.
    – In the “Target Gateway” section you set the gateway you want to use.
    Thats it! The rule should be active immediately after you saved the changes.

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    @snowch wrote:

    Is 1.0.beta12 safe and stable for production use? I always get nervous using beta software especially for security concerns.

    Many thanks in advance,


    I understand your concerns. I would consider beta12 as pretty solid. I am using beta12 in an environment with about 120 Users and load balancing over three gateways – no crashes and no trouble. The whole thing works like a charm.
    enjoy Zeroshell,

    in reply to: Free authorized IP range in Captive Portal ? #48693

    @redfive wrote:

    tryed in captive portal>> Free Authorized>> clients ?

    Yes I tried, but it only allows single IPs. I tried with network addresses but that did not work.

    in reply to: How do I upgrade Zeroshell ? #48196

    @vpn_rollercoaster wrote:

    I think it would be a time saver for you to just download the new image ISO.

    That is what I am actually wanting to do. My unclarity is about if the information that is stored in the profile on the virtual harddisk will be messed up by the new release or if I can upgrade without loosing essential configuration information (DNS zones, DHCP reservations, Captive Portal configuration).

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