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  • in reply to: Firmware 3.9.4A RPI release note? #66143

    I’d be interested in them too. In general I find it a bit strange that this release is without infos, there are no links on the download page, no forum posts etc.. I seriously ask myself if this release is coming from Fulvio, I am very careful with firewall software…

    Maybe Fulvio can explain why this is the case, if there is not enough time left and what the release notes are like.


    Same problem with plain live image 3.9.0 – so i think its an internal problem, not in the packages. See the other post from Jean… I switch back to 3.8.2.

    in reply to: ZS 3.9.0 PPPoE not work #64106

    The problem was the “Service Name” into the PPPoE Configure Page. I named the Service “VDSL Verbindung”. The blank “VDSL_Verb…” is no longer supportet, i change the name to “VDSL” and it works with 3.9.0.

    in reply to: NetBalancer Bug in version 3.3.2 #53697

    I also have problems with the NetBalancer in the new version, see this entry:

    in reply to: automated disconnect #47341

    Edit: I take it all back… the netbalancer don’t work correctly in zs 3.3.2 with ppp connections. After the kill cron in the night, the netbalancer take the connection to the state “standby” (wight is upper = no standby for this connection). When disable the second connection (backup) go the state from standby to fault! (ppp connect is up! only the netbalancer report error for this connection to any test ip (TEST) => [] : ERROR)

    I disable the netbalancer in my productive environment as workaround.

    Old Message:
    I think i found the configuration solution:

    old ZS Release 3.2.x and older working the netbalancer perfect with the option in the ppp0 configure:

    Autostart the connection: “Yes”

    In the newer Releas 3.3.x working the netbalancer after a disconnect only with this option in the ppp0 configure:

    Autostart the connection: “On Net Balancer Fault”

    In the configure page i see the note:
    Note: Autostart the connection [On Net Balancer Fault] works if the PPPoE interface belongs to the Gateway Pool configured in the Net Balancer.

    in reply to: automated disconnect #47340


    the cron with “killall pppd” works nice in all ZS versions but isn’t work in 3.3.x
    The reconnect works, but the net balancer not notice this the connection was rebuilt = the connection remains on the status failed.
    (In Germany kill the most ISP’s the connection after 24 hours)

    I have in NetBalancer for this connection remove the hook “UP” and sit down again, then it works again and the connection is set to active.

    In the logs I find no clue why the NetBalancer the connection no longer recognizes:

    starting the killall pppd cron:
    14:52:20 Terminating on signal 15
    14:52:20 Connect time 364.7 minutes.
    14:52:20 Sent 210239120 bytes, received 2857866466 bytes.
    14:52:20 Connection terminated.
    14:52:20 Exit.
    14:52:25 pppd 2.4.3 started by root, uid 0
    14:52:25 Using interface ppp0
    14:52:25 Connect: ppp0 /dev/pts/0
    14:52:27 PAP authentication succeeded
    14:52:27 local IP address [clean_IP]
    14:52:27 remote IP address [clean_IP]

    14:52:20 PPPoE connection lost; attempting re-connection.

    14:52:28 [ICMP] No link detected with the gateway (VDSL)
    14:52:28 [ICMP] FAULT: VDSL (Interface: ppp0) [Last Uptime: 6h 4m 17s]
    14:52:28 Default Route has been changed: nexthop via weight 1 realm 100
    14:53:44 (TEST) ==============================================================
    14:53:44 (TEST) => [] : Success (Round Trip Time: 63.0 ms)
    14:53:44 (TEST) => [] : Success (Round Trip Time: 59.2 ms)
    14:53:44 (TEST) => [] : Success (Round Trip Time: 62.3 ms)
    14:53:44 (TEST) GATEWAY : VDSL (ppp0)
    14:53:47 (TEST) => [] : ERROR
    14:53:50 (TEST) => [] : ERROR
    14:53:53 (TEST) => [] : ERROR
    14:53:53 (TEST) ==============================================================
    14:53:53 [ICMP] Failover monitor has started
    14:54:29 [ICMP] Failover monitor has started
    14:54:31 Default Route has been changed: nexthop dev ppp0 weight 2 realm 101
    14:54:33 [ICMP] Failover monitor has started

    in reply to: Release 2.0.RC1 not connected PPPoE #52400

    I must agree. After update to 2.0 RC1 ppoe become not connect!. I switch back to beta16…
    Please inform if the error-corrected.

    09:48:05 pppd 2.4.3 started by root, uid 0
    09:48:05 Using interface ppp0
    09:48:05 Connect: ppp0 /dev/pts/0
    09:48:20 LCP terminated by peer
    09:48:20 Modem hangup
    09:48:20 Connection terminated.
    09:48:20 Exit.
    09:48:25 pppd 2.4.3 started by root, uid 0
    09:48:25 Using interface ppp0
    09:48:25 Connect: ppp0 /dev/pts/0
    09:48:56 LCP: timeout sending Config-Requests
    09:48:56 Connection terminated.
    09:48:56 Using interface ppp0
    09:48:56 Connect: ppp0 /dev/pts/1
    09:49:01 tcflush failed: Bad file descriptor
    09:49:01 Exit.

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