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    Hi David,

    Didn’t see your answer before.

    Yes it is Gen1, and there is no UEFI (UEFI only available on Gen2).

    On my side I don’t want exclusive access to NICs, I may want another VM to be on the public side, but I certainly need to share the private NIC with other VMs.

    Furthermore, this works like a charm on the DL380G6.

    Just tried v3.9.4 on the DL380G5, still not booting. I’m suspecting a bug with Lan-to-Lan VPN in TCP mode on the v3.4.0 so I wanted to give a try with a newer release, with no luck on the boot part.

    Such annoying …

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    Thanks for answering. Actually the Huawei side is the client side, so no need for incoming connections. In fact, the LTE ISP doesn’t allow for incoming connections.

    The server side is a Zeroshell put in DMZ. There are other servers (Web, Mail etc.) running behind it with proper port translation and firewall rules, and all is working.

    I tried with regular OpenVPN on Debian, setup as server behind the Zeroshell router, and another one setup as client on the Huawei side, also behing the Zeroshell router, and it is working.

    Seems there is a setup issue in Zeroshell when configuring the TCP Server side.

    btw, running Zeroshell 3.4.0 on the server side, because newer versions don’t boot. (Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V).

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    No mistake, I understood that was your personal work! I was just wondering if you could share your steps to reproduce!

    My remark regarding the Hyper-V support was more intended to the Zeroshell team because the drivers seem to be part of the Linux kernel for years now …

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    I managed some years ago to rebuild a kernel with Hyper-V drivers on an old Debian to work fine in Hyper-V. But I’m not so used to it so I forgot everything since last Linux Kernels have these drivers integrated for months !

    I’m surprised the last Zeroshell does not seem to have these drivers already integrated. I see you are doing this, could you post detailed instructions about how to do this ?

    Thanks !

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