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    Looks like 3.3.2 has 3.14.31-ZS. Will there be a 3.14.31-64-ZS? or we we go back to 3.14.29-64-ZS?

    in reply to: Pls Help how to install ZS on HDD #52507

    Thank you all for the help/direction. I got it to work this way…

    Copy current ZS.img.gz to a small flash drive.
    Boot live-cd of GParted
    mount usb drive (per directions above)
    gunzip Z*img.gz (per directions above)

    Booted to ZeroShell 2.0-RC2 off HD.

    I’m a happy camper.


    Having the same issue here as well. Would love to know the answer. I booted from a 2.0-RC2 CD and I can’t get the USB drive to mount (same “vfat” error as you have).

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    Step 5 works fine up to here:

    root@zeroshell DB> cd hdb
    root@zeroshell hdb> wget http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v2.6/linux-
    root@zeroshell hdb> cd /cdrom/
    root@zeroshell cdrom> tar zcvf /DB/hdb/usr.tgz usr/
    root@zeroshell cdrom> cd /DB/hdb
    root@zeroshell hdb> bzip2 -d *.bz2
    root@zeroshell hdb> tar xvf glibc-2.8-includes-zs.tar
    root@zeroshell hdb> tar xvf gcc-include.tar
    root@zeroshell hdb> tar xvf gcc-4.3.2-zs-i386.tar
    root@zeroshell hdb> tar xvf binutils-2.17-i386.tar

    I get a file not found errors for all of these tar commands. Were these supposed to be downloaded from some place?

    Let me know how to proceed and I will.


    in reply to: How To rebuild kernel into b14 document #51580


    First thank you very much. I’m sure this wasn’t easy.


    Step 2 –

    Ok not really a correction, but you need tell people to change the IP address on your virtual ZeroShell config to match the segment of the PC you are running VirtualBOX on and set the default gateway or none of the wget commands are going to work.

    Step 3 –

    1) mkdir command is incomplete needs /DB/ or the rest of the instructions don’t work.

    root@zeroshell root>fdisk /dev/hdb
    root@zeroshell root>mke2fs –j /dev/hdb1
    root@zeroshell root>mkdir hdb
    root@zeroshell root>mount /dev/hdb1 hdb
    root@zeroshell root>cd /DB/hdb

    This needs to be:

    root@zeroshell root>fdisk /dev/hdb
    root@zeroshell root>mke2fs –j /dev/hdb1
    root@zeroshell root>mkdir /DB/hdb
    root@zeroshell root>mount /dev/hdb1 hdb
    root@zeroshell root>cd /DB/hdb

    Step 4 –

    1) After you have rebooted to the CompactFlash image /DB/hdb no longer exists so you have to create it again.
    2) there is an error on the tar line
    3) cd opt/.. line is missing ../ and can be consolidated
    4) what are we changing in smb.conf via vi???
    5) cd ….tars has wrong slash
    6) rc.d/init.d/ line needs correction

    So far this should be:

    root@zeroshell root> mkdir /DB/hdb
    root@zeroshell root> mount /dev/hdb1 /DB/hdb
    root@zeroshell root> cd /DB/hdb (you have an extra space here)
    root@zeroshell hdb> wget http://www.orquideadesign.com/SMB12_beta1.tar.bz2
    root@zeroshell hdb> cd /Database
    root@zeroshell Database> tar xvjf /DB/hdb/SMB12_beta1.tar.bz2
    root@zeroshell Database> cd SMB12/
    root@zeroshell SMB12> ./install.sh
    root@zeroshell Database> cd ../opt/1.0/beta12/packages/etc
    root@zeroshell etc> vi smb.conf
    root@zeroshell etc> cd ../../tars
    root@zeroshell tars> tar zxvf SMB12-files.tar.gz
    root@zeroshell tars> cd etc
    root@zeroshell etc> cd rc.d/init.d/
    root@zeroshell init.d> export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=”/Database/opt/1.0/beta12/packages/lib:$LD_L IBRARY_PATH”
    root@zeroshell init.d> ./samba start
    root@zeroshell init.d> cd /DB
    root@zeroshell DB> chmod a+w hdb


    in reply to: Upgrade from ZS 0.1b13 to 0.1b14 #51505

    do add-on’s like Dan’s Guardian still work after running your upgrade script? Also I have a different Ethernet driver as the standard one as a bug. Would your script replace that driver or does it leave the kernel alone since it has not changed?


    in reply to: Beta14 – What Kernel? #51503

    No kernel update. Same kernel version as beta13.

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