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    @777maxism wrote:

    @spitz wrote:

    Is there any way to create vlans in zeroshell ?

    Setup->Network->ETH00->Create Vlan

    is it possible to have different IPs on each vlan ?
    if yes how can I do it ?

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    @mark_orion wrote:

    We are using a similar setup here. ZS and Virtualbox are fairly easy to install. Here is what I suggest:
    – Ceate a VM for Zeroshell with the ISO file as virtual CD/DVD and as bootdrive
    – Add a small (200Mb) or less virtual harddisk to the VM. This you can use to store your profile.
    – Add the two virtual network adapters. For each adapter you choose “Attach to – Bridged Adapter” and in the “Name” dropdown you choose the NIC on your host system that you want to connect to the virtual NIC.
    – Boot and configure ZS as you like.

    enjoy, Mark

    Please, could you explain me how to set VLAN on the ETH00 and ETH01 interfaces ? I have migrated the physical zeroshell from my server to virtualbox. Now I’d like to set flags in its interfaces.


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    @abale wrote:

    You might be able to tell I don’t come here very often…

    I have run Zeroshell in both VMWare (server on Windows and ESXi), and also in Virtualbox (windows and solaris). It works just fine.

    To get Xen to work, you need the Paravirtualization support, which means a proc with Virtualization extensions. Then you should be able to run it fine there, as well.

    This should technically also mean that it will run on any other of the full virtualization software packages. The question is performance without being able to install the guest extensions. The VM performance will suffer a little, but Zeroshell does not have that high of requirements, so any modern machine will handle it well even under full virtualization without processor support.

    What kind of hardware do I need for ESXi ?
    I tried the 3.5 and 4.0 versions on a Pentium D but I got a message my hardware is not supported 🙁

    Is there any tutorial how to install zeroshell on a virtualbox ?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)