LogMeIn Hamachi VPN Client available for Zeroshell


One of the problems encountered when creating a VPN is that the VPN server must have a public IP address or otherwise reachable through a port forwading on the Internet router. LogMeIn Hamachi is a Virtual Private Network centralised system that allows you to connect remote devices as if they were on the local network even if all devices are behing a NAT router. The Hamachi client installed on Zeroshell is basically useful for two reasons: it makes it easier to remotely administer Zeroshell routers that are not directly accessible because being behing NAT they do not have a public IP address. Secondly, on many devices, such as video surveillance cameras or NVRs, it is not possible to install a VPN client directly. By putting Zeroshell in VPN and creating specific port forwarding or routing rules, it is possible to reach the administration interface of such devices even if they are behind NAT and therefore have a private IP address.

How to create/join a Virtual Network

On Windows or Mac Os X it is possible to create and join a Virtual Network using the Hamachi GUI. The operation is easy and requires a few clicks.

From Linux and therefore also from Zeroshell you have to use hamachi command. To look at how to use the hamachi command, please type:

hamachi -h

Before creating or joining a virtual network you have to put the hamachi client in online mode with the command:

hamachi login

If the Virtual Network does not already exist you have to create it with the command:

hamachi create network_id password

For example to create a Virtual Network called zs-net with password Zs123456 please type:

hamachi create zs-net Zs123456

If instead the Virtual Network already exists you only have to join it with the command:

hamachi join zs-net Zs123456

To know the status and the IP address of the current peer just type:


Instead to know the Virtual Networks you have joined and the IP address of the remore peers type:

hamachi list

Do not forget that you remain joined to a virtual network and the related assigned IP is preserved also after the reboot.

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  1. good.
    how to use or configure LogMeIn Hamachi VPN Client. in zeroshell since I do not see nenu or interfaces by any side

  2. Buen dia para tener hamachi se debe tener la activacion?
    Ya que por el shell no me da el comando gracias

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