New release Zeroshell 3.1.0

Zeroshell 3.1.0 is available. This new release improves the stability of the system and corrects many bugs. Among the new features, there are some nice additions such as:

– The Installation Manager that allows you to install Zeroshell in an easy way, starting from the ISO/USB image or from an already running installation.
– The Weighted Bonding used to distribute traffic proportionally to the capacity of the interfaces that are part of the bond.
– The Monitoring and e-Mail/SMS Alerts Suite that warns you or a team of people to the occurrence of an event. The list of events can be extended with custom event handlers.
– The CNTop Utility which shows the top list of the hosts with the highest number of connections. This is very useful if a DDoS is taking place to discover the IP address causing the problem.

Among other things, the Captive portal has been improved with a special tuning and now can handle many more simultaneous users.

If you already have the release 3.0.0 installed and the repository access enabled you can automatically upgrade to Zeroshell 3.1.0 without losing the configuration just by clicking on the package 53100. Do not forget instead, that if you are planning to use the Installation Manager all data on the target disk will be destroyed so you have to backup the profile and then restore it on the new release.