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  1. Hello !
    “The release for ARM platforms is coming soon.”:
    Does Odroid XU4 include? (┬┐incluye Odroid XU4?)

      1. (English Google Translation)
        Hello Fulvio!
        I am very sorry that you are not thinking about Odroid XU4. The hardware seems to me much superior to RPi. The XU4 has 8 cores, USB 3, Nic 100/1000, RAM 2G and eMMC. Or is there another reason not to take it into account?.

        1. I was considering buying an ODROID-C2 board. Although there are various Linux distros (Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, etc. that support the boards, they are full fledged distributions.

          I found that ODROID is not supported by special “appliance” Linux distros like ZeroShell, IPFire, and OpenWRT.

          This blog from the IPFire “Why IPFire does not run on all ARM hardware…” gives a good insight as to why it is not possible to support the spectrum of various ARM-based boards.

      2. Hello, how can i resolve rf-kill issue for my wireless
        rfkill command is not found in zeroshell
        best regards.

    1. These new embedded devices are interesting because have on-board an UMTS and LTE modem useful to build a Mobile router. At the moment I have not the hardware available to build an image for them. I hope to get them soon.

  2. Hello Fulvio,
    I upgraded one of my ESXi ZS VMs and after the upgrade I lost connectivity; over the console everything looks okay, but over the internet there is no connectivity, other VMs on the same hypervisor are online, and there’s no firewall. I tried adding other type virtual network adapters to the VM but I get no traffic or response. Please advise; everything was working before the 3.9.0 upgrade.

    1. Hi, the connectivity troubles after the upgrade to Zeroshell 3.9.0 on APU are well known. They have been highlighted multiple times, with no reply, in the Italian forum. The only solution we’ve found so far is to downgrade to 3.8.2 and to skip the 3.9.0.

    1. I’m working about the Orange Pi images. Also in this case we will have a 4.14.x Kernel release.


  3. Why there is no USB x86/x86_64 for version 3.9.0 ? Is that intentionally ? Can I create it from *.iso somehow ?


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