New Zeroshell 1.0.beta9

Zeroshell 1.0.beta9 is now available. This release contains a Transparent Web Proxy (HAVP) that uses ClamAV Antivirus to scan the web pages visited by the users in order to block Viruses and Worms. In addition, the proxy server allows to manage a Blacklist and a Whitelist of URLs.
A flag in the Captive Portal configuration now allows to disable the SSL protocol in the case it is not required for security reason. By using this flag, it is possible to eliminate the security warnings of the user browsers when the X.509 certificate is not signed by a trusted Certification Authority.
The flow of QoS classifier has been changed and it is now more intuitive. Apache and OpenSSL packages have been updated, because the previous versions were vulnerable as reported by Nessus.