Weighted Bonding

The Weighted Bonding has been implented for Zeroshell 3.0.0 as new feature. Using the Weighted Bonding you can distribute traffic proportionally to the capacity of the interfaces that are part of the bond. Before the introduction of this feature, the traffic distribution was made by a simple Round-Robin load balancing that treated the interfaces in a uniform manner regardless of the actual available bandwidth on each of them. The direct consequence of this was that you could benefit from bonding only if the lines merged had a similar capacity . You could see that adding an ADSL line from 2Mb/s to a 7Mb/s one resulted in a bandwidth closed to 4Mbit/s. Far from the expeted 9Mb/s bandwidth.
Now with the Weighted Bonding, by assigning to the first ADSL line a weight of 2 and to the second one a weight equal to 7, you could see a bandwidth aggregation very close to the sum of the two lines members of the bonding.
Note that in the example has been intentionally omitted, for simplicity, to specify that the bonding of WAN lines only makes sense through the VPN bonding and that the weight should be assigned to the Layer 2 VPN interfaces.