17 thoughts on “Zeroshell 3.9.0 for Raspberry Pi

  1. ETA on Orange Pi boards? Or is this basically the same image? Is there a conversion guide or some way I can help you set up some automated builds for it maybe? 😀

  2. Hi all,

    Two days ago I installed Zero Shell on my Pi3+ and I am impressed about the quality and ease of configuring things.

    As said, I have it running on my Pi3+ but it seems like it is not offering 5Ghz, which is new since the 3+. Does anyone know what package I can/should add to use the full capabilities of the Pi?

    I also hope to figure out how to get IPv6 support, but since I am still in the experimental stage.

      1. hi,
        in case you still have not got it resolved…
        I wrote image on SSD card for Pi Rasberry before…The software I used was:
        (Should be avail via Google search)

  3. It gives me error on load after ”crng init done”.

    Random: 2 urandom warning(s) missed due to ratelimiting.

    Which suggest that there is some problem with entropy pool..
    I might suggest that you install packages for rngd & haveged to make sure all RNG hardware features are used to initialize the kernel random number generator as early as possible.

  4. Can we run the 3 image on PI 4
    Also do these images use the full card or do they have to manualy expanded the openwrt image doesnt use the full card.

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